Rinsten Spring

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This Spring is a best mechanical under seat shock absorber with adjustable stiffness, which can be adapted both for city and all-terrain cycling. Easy to install, easy to adjust. Color: Black. Weight: 337 grams or 0,74 lb

Suitable for riders of all ages, from 10 to 150 kg (22 — 330 lbs)
For road, city and all-terrain bicycles
For children&adult

LifeTime Warranty

Rinsten Spring Installation&Adjustment:
I have a few recommendations for setting up Rinsten Spring for your ideal comfort:

1 Always start with the toughest settings - above and below - 0
With the most stringent settings, you get the lack of buildup, only a decrease in the level of vibration.
Changing the settings to the numbers 1,2,3 ..... 9, you make the settings softer and softer.

2 The number at the top should always be greater than or equal to the number at the bottom! This is due to the design of the spring. Violation of this recommendation may cause Rinsten Spring to work incorrectly.

3 It is very necessary to set the angle of the saddle so that you have a perfect fit while riding. When installing Rinsten Spring, your saddle will be tilted forward, so that when you sit on the saddle, it will take a horizontal position or have a small angle of inclination forward.

4 The seatpost should be lowered 5-6 cm. Usually this is enough to compensate for the height of the Rinsten Spring. But some consumers lower both to a lower height, and to a greater one. This is due to the fact that many cyclists have changed sensations from riding and reduced the effort that needs to be spent to turn the pedals.