POC Ventral Lite Helmet

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Product Highlights

The Ventral Lite is for when grams count. Weighing less than 200g, every aspect of this helmet has been developed to provide protection at the lowest weight possible.

Taking the Ventral Air as our starting point, we updated and enhanced the structure of the helmet shell to provide more rigidity and save weight on the EPS liner. A lighter PC shell covering less of the liner further helps to keep the total weight as low as possible.

A minimalist approach to every aspect of the helmet ensures weight is kept to an absolute minimum. Every aspect of the helmet, the adjustment system, the straps, are all as light as possible while still meeting vital safety standards.

  • Exceptionally lightweight – our lightest helmet so far
  • Highly ventilated
  • Enhanced structural integrity

Extremely lightweight

Weighing less than 200g in a size M (EN1078 safety standard), the helmet is among the lightest ever produced.

Structurally strong

Changes to the shell and liner design give enhanced structural integrity at a low weight.

Lightweight EPS liner

The shape of the liner allows for a lower-density EPS liner to be used.

Lightweight in-mold PC shell

The outer PC shell is scaled back to cover only the absolutely necessary parts of the liner, saving vital grams.

Lightweight size adjustment system

The minimalist size adjustment system is very lightweight and gives a secure fit.

Highly ventilated

The helmet is highly ventilated, making it an ideal choice for hotter days or for climbing.

Lightweight straps

The straps and clip are fully adjustable, and are optimised to save weight.

Included in box

Stick-on eye garage patches.


This helmet is certified to one or more of the following standards: EN 1078, CPSC 1203, AS/NZS 2063, JCF.