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Vision is designed to fit wider faces with a full field of view. This is accomplished not only by the wide frame, but by the adjustable nose and ear pieces designed to dial in your fit.

Vision is always ready for demanding sports and endless scenarios thanks to its Jawbone technology. You will never lose confi dence in your ability or feel the lack of vision.

Use it in stylish full frame mode with the included jawbones or choose to maximize your vision and just wear it with the cylindrical lightweight lens.

A prescription lens adapter is available as an accessory for this model. The Optical Adapter enables prescription lenses to be built in for optimal vision when performing sports.



1. Optical adapter available, for prescription lenses

2. Jawbone Technology and an extra jawbone in different color included

3. Including a nosepiece so you can wear it half framed

4. Fits normal to wider faces

5. Adjustable friction rubber nose pad

6. Adjustable temple tips in rubber wire core

7. Hydro Lens System™

8. Hard protective case

9. Cleaning cloth